INTREAL Luxembourg Signs up IREMIS as New Fund Partner

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07. Jul 2023

INTREAL Luxembourg just signed up IREMIS as new fund partner. IREMIS S.à r.l. is a real estate management firm domiciled in Luxembourg whose focus is on special real estate. The management team of IREMIS, which relies on its extensive experience, network and know-how in the hotel segment, expects the current hotel real estate market to see transformation and volatility and opportunities as a result. In response, IREMIS launched its first investment fund in the hotel asset class under the name of “IREMIS Hotel Immobilienfonds I.” With the fund launch successfully completed, IREMIS is now looking forward to the task of actively pursuing such opportunities on behalf of its institutional investors. INTREAL Luxembourg will act in the role as AIFM and handle the central administration for the “IREMIS Hotel Immobilienfonds I” fund, which takes the form of a SCS SICAV-RAIF.

Rudolf Kömen, Managing Director of INTREAL Luxembourg, commented: “I am pleased to report that IREMIS just became our latest fund partner. This shows that even in challenging times, opportunities present themselves. To identify them, you need true experts.”

Peter Lenhardt, Managing Director of IREMIS and Head of Hotel and Leisure, added: “Its real estate expertise, its standing among German institutional investors, and its reporting capacities make INTREAL unique. We are proud to be working with the German market leader in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.”

INTREAL Luxembourg is a very young company. It was granted its AIFM licence in 2021, and has followed a growth trajectory ever since. At the moment, the company employs 22 staff. Its assets under management amount to c. 2 billion euros. INTREAL Luxembourg is a wholly owned subsidiary of INTREAL KVG, the market leader for the administration of real estate funds in Germany.

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