1. Basis

For the purchase of units in the alternative investment funds (AIFs), i.e. investment funds that are not undertakings for collective investments in transferable securities (UCITS) distributed by IntReal International Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (“INTREAL”), the only binding information shall be the current “sales documents”. For open-end public funds, these comprise the applicable sales prospectus with the terms and conditions of investment in conjunction with the last annual and/or semi-annual report and the key investor information. For closed-end public funds, these comprise the applicable sales prospectus with the terms and conditions of investment in conjunction with the last annual report, the key investor information, the articles of association, and the custodial and management agreement. The sales documents for the open-end public fund and the current issue and redemption price can be obtained in German at no charge from INTREAL, Ferdinandstraße 61, 20095 Hamburg or from You can also obtain the sales documents for the closed-end public fund during the issuance phase of the subscribed capital in German as described above. The only binding basis for the purchase of units in the special funds managed by INTREAL are the terms and conditions of investment and other contract documents, the information contained in the document prepared in accordance with Section 307 KAGB (German Investment Code), regarding semi-professional investors the key investor information document (KID), and the last annual report.

This website was designed for individuals who are resident and eligible to pay tax in the Federal Republic of Germany. The investment funds mentioned on this website are eligible for public distribution in the Federal Republic of Germany.

2. Neither investment advice nor financial analysis

The content of this website and the information therein does not contain an offer to enter into a contract and does not constitute investment advice by INTREAL. Its only purpose is to facilitate your own investment decision. The information cannot replace professional advice geared to the individual investor and its investments. The sole purpose of this website is to provide information about the investment funds of INTREAL licensed for public distribution in Germany. Should you require investment advice or further clarification on the risks relating to the purchase of units in investment funds from INTREAL, please contact your financial advisor.

3. Liability / reproduction of information

The information on the website is based on our assessment of the current legal and tax circumstances. Although INTREAL acts in the conviction that the information presented is correct at the time this website is prepared, no guarantee or warranty can be given for the correctness of the information originating from third parties. This also applies in particular to references to the content of other websites. The content of this website must not be reproduced in any way without the explicit consent of INTREAL. If the information contained in this document is submitted to others, it is to be ensured that the information submitted reflects the information shown on this website exactly.

4. Sales restrictions

4.1 The information and documents on this website do not constitute an offer or an invitation to purchase by any person in any territory in which such an offer or invitation is unlawful, or in which the person extending such an offer or invitation does not possess the prerequisites to do so, nor to a person to whom it is unlawful to extend such an offer or invitation.

4.2 Units in the investment funds listed on this website have not been registered according to any legal regulation of the USA relating to securities. They may not be offered or sold directly or indirectly to or to the benefit of US persons in the USA or in any of its territories, possessions or areas subject to its jurisdiction. This is not the case if an exception applies in accordance with American law. The term “US persons” includes nationals, citizens or inhabitants of the USA or persons who have their habitual residence there (including the estate of such a person) as well as corporate entities which were formed or established there.

5. General notes on risks

5.1 Please consider that past performance is no guarantee for performance in the future. The value of investments and the returns on them may fall as well as rise in consequence of market and currency fluctuations and an investor may not recover the full amount originally invested. Targeted yields, to which reference is made herein, are no guarantee for future returns. If a sales charge is incurred, sales profits cannot be achieved until the increase in value of the fund units exceeds the paid sales charge. IntReal funds invest in properties. Under certain circumstances, it may be difficult to sell properties and therefore redemption of units may be possible only with delay or the redemption of units may be suspended.

5.2 Individuals interested in purchasing units should themselves obtain information regarding the legal requirements, foreign exchange control regulations and applicable taxes in the countries of their nationality, their residence or their habitual residence.

5.3 The information stated on this website is valid at the time of its publication. The information may be altered at any time without prior notification.

6. Links

This website may contain references (known as “links”) to other websites which in turn may reproduce content which has been created or made accessible by operators who are independent of INTREAL. The mere existence of a link to such websites does not constitute a recommendation or any other form of confirmation by INTREAL in favour of said websites, their content or their operators. INTREAL therefore accepts no liability for the contents of the websites of external providers. This also applies to stock exchange, financial or other price-sensitive information which is adopted on our website from the systems of external providers. The views and opinions expressed on the websites of external providers as well as the information presented there reflect only the views/opinions of the respective owners of the websites in question. INTREAL therefore also accepts no liability for this content.