Once Again, Scope Confirms INTREAL’s Rating of AA (SMR)

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19. Jun 2023

The Scope rating agency once again awarded INTREAL an AA (SMR) score within the framework of an third-party AIFM rating, reaffirming its initial rating of March 2021 for the second time. In its latest rating, Scope credited INTREAL with an excellent quality and competence as third-party AIFM. The agency expressly mentions the further expansion of the company’s range of deliverables in this context. It states that INTREAL not only covers the segment of real estate funds under its Luxembourg law via its subsidiary INTREAL Luxembourg but also covers the asset class of private debt. It also mentions that the company already filed an application with the Luxembourg Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (CSSF) to expand its license to include the management of the infrastructure fund and umbrella fund segments. The year 2022 also saw the expansion of the company’s third business division, meaning the service range of its subsidiary INTREAL Solutions, which offers modular options in the area of consulting services, the focus being on IT consulting.

Definitive aspects for the rating decision, aside from INTREAL’s market leadership in the field of third-party AIFM companies for real estate and aside from the existence of several specialised subsidiaries that offer specific services, also included the highly specialised IT structures that represent the basis for the company’s very high service quality as well as its meticulously defined processes with their explicit replacement rules and appropriate systems for ensuring that its fund partners are closely monitored. Moreover, the evaluation took account of the company’s excellent human resources with their advanced expertise in all relevant areas as well as the continued development of ESG reporting and the ongoing set-up of the ESG dashboard.

Scope took an equally positive view of the fact that INTREAL offers its services exclusively in the area of fund administration while launching no investment funds of its own, thereby effectively reducing the potential for conflicts of interest.

Michael Schneider, Managing Director at INTREAL, commented: “To have our excellent rating reconfirmed once more is a commendation that is all the more valuable because it was earned in a market environment that has clearly become more demanding in the roughly two years since the initial rating. It also represents an important confirmation for our clients that they have every reason to rely on an award-winning third-party AIFM in these turbulent times. We would like to seize the occasion to warmly thank all INTREAL employees whose personal dedication contributed to this achievement!”

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