INTREAL Solutions and Crem Solutions enter into strategic partnership

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05. Oct 2018

INTREAL Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of INTREAL, a third-party real estate AIFM, and Crem Solutions, one of the leading providers of solutions for digital property management, have agreed a strategic partnership. The objective of the cooperation is to provide a standardised IT platform for the professional management of properties.

INTREAL Solutions will contribute its long-standing integration expertise and experience in connecting property and asset managers as well as its existing IT infrastructure. In addition to operation, the solutions for interfacing with ERP and data warehouse systems are particularly notable here. Crem Solutions’ contribution to the partnership will be its iX-Haus and iX-Haus plus software with a best-in-class standard configuration. iX-Haus is one of the most successful software solutions for the management of residential and commercial properties in Germany.

Andreas Ertle, Managing Director of INTREAL, says: “In this cooperation, two strong partners are pooling their expertise. We can thus offer our clients and partners a fully integrated IT solution covering everything from the management of property and the administration of funds to investor reporting.”

Dr Christian Westphal, Managing Director of Crem Solutions, adds: “The partnership will benefit both the companies involved. The services of our iX-Haus software and INTREAL Solutions’ many years of integration experience complement each other perfectly. Both the IT platform from INTREAL Solutions and iX-Haus from Crem are already being used by many companies in the real estate and fund sectors – the partnership will result in additional synergies for our clients.”

INTREAL Solutions and Crem Solutions’ shared platform will have a modular design. Clients can select a scalable portfolio of solutions covering property, asset and fund management, including operation of the overall solution in their own data centre, according to their needs

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