INTREAL Solutions Acquired 19 New Mandates

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04. Mar 2024

INTREAL Solutions, an IT service provider and subsidiary of third-party AIF manager INTREAL, managed to acquire a total of 19 new accounts in 2023. During the second half of 2023, it signed ten new mandates, six of which were for IT consulting and services. Three new accounts were acquired by the Financial Services division, including Provinzial Asset Management with several real estate companies. Accordingly, INTREAL managed the accounts of more than 40 clients last year.

Since the beginning of this year, INTREAL Solutions has focused exclusively on its IT consulting business, covering the subjects of IT security, IT strategy, process digitisation, software applications including ERP platforms, financial services and the full range of IT infrastructure deliverables. In addition to the real estate sector, the company has intensified its focus on the healthcare sector and insurance companies as customer target group for 2024. The business of expert consulting in the areas of risk management, ESG and related processes will be continued by another member company of the INTREAL Group.

IT Consultancy Expands to Include Additional Sectors

Marko Broschinski, the Head of Sales at INTREAL Solutions, commented: “Our business line of IT consulting and IT services grew so quickly last year that INTREAL Solutions made an in-house decision to limit our activities to this sector in the future. This will enable us to keep upholding our high consulting standard despite the enormous demand.”

Christian Schmidt, Managing Director of INTREAL Solutions, added: “In the ongoing year, we intend to keep expanding our mandates in the healthcare sector. Being a crucial infrastructure component, it has moved increasingly into the focus of cyber criminals, which in turn has triggered a proportionate demand for consultancy in the areas of IT security and implementation. The same is true for insurance companies – another field where we seek to expand our clientèle.”

In the healthcare segment, several renowned operators of hospitals and healthcare facilities are already collaborating with INTREAL Solutions and with WMC Healthcare, a management consultancy specialising in the fields of healthcare and life sciences.

New clients in the real estate segment represent fund partners of INTREAL while others include third-party clients, such as major institutional investors, asset managers and property managers, real estate lenders and companies with proprietary real estate holdings.

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