INTREAL Restructures Consulting Services, Forms Subsidiary REAX Advisory

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27. Mar 2024

IntReal International Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH has spun off its consulting business into a wholly owned subsidiary, REAX Advisory. The newly formed company will provide field-tested management and specialist consulting services for the real estate investment sector. The managing directors of REAX Advisory are Annika Dylong (41) and Kai Nelson Dreisigacker (42). Dylong is responsible for expert consulting on subjects like ESG, reporting and risk management, which she already handled when still with INTREAL Solutions before the company outsourced them to REAX Advisory. Dreisigacker’s main responsibility is to head the recently introduced management consulting business. For the time being, REAX Advisory has a team of 14 staff.

Kai Nelson Dreisigacker, Managing Director of REAX Advisory, commented on the new company: “We spent the past year-and-a-half making processes and structures more efficient within the HIH Group. We will now provide the same kind of advisory service to third parties under the label of management consulting. Value creation in the real estate investment market is generally characterised by a clear division of labour, often involving redundant processes. So, there is plenty of potential for cutting costs, optimising value chains, and thereby becoming more resilient. In the currently difficult market cycle, many industry players have become aware of a massive need to catch up in this regard.”

Annika Dylong, Managing Director of REAX Advisory, added: “In addition, the specialist consulting on risk management and any ESG-related subject will be outsourced to REAX Advisory. This will enable INTREAL Solutions to focus on IT consulting while closely collaborating with us because IT plays a key role especially in process optimisation.”

Andreas Ertle, Managing Director at INTREAL, commented: “We decided to position the two subsidiaries with a clear-cut focus each. INTREAL Solutions concentrates on IT and IT consulting, REAX Advisory on specialist consulting in all other areas. This way, we can pass our wealth of experience from the past 15 years on to other market operators. We are seeing enormous demand for advisory services at either company. I am particularly glad to say that we were able to fill the senior management positions with two in-house experts – Annika Dylong and Kai Nelson Dreisigacker.”

Annika Dylong previously served as Head of Consulting and Services at INTREAL Solutions, and headed the Risk Management, Outsourcing Management and Process Management units at INTREAL for the past 15 years. Kai Nelson Dreisigacker became Head of Organisational Development at INTREAL in September 2022. He previously worked for Porsche Consulting between 2015 and 2022, eventually as Senior Manager Financial Services. Other career stations included positions with BHF Aktienbank between 2009 and 2015 (department head of strategic outsourcing, head of strategic projects and department head) and with PricewaterhouseCoopers before that.

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