control.IT and INTREAL establish IT company easol

Company logo of easol

06. Jun 2019

control.IT Unternehmensberatung GmbH (control.IT), a provider of asset and portfolio management software, and IntReal International Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (INTREAL), Germany’s leading third-party AIFM, have established a joint venture. The new company operates as easol GmbH (easol) and offers an all-in-one IT solution, “easol solution”, for investments in real estate and other real assets such as aircraft, ships and photovoltaic plants.

easol solution consists of three parts. Its core is the first part, “easol suite”. This combines various different software products for real asset management that are established in the sector, such as SAP ERP, bison.box and iX-Haus, to form an all-in-one solution. The accompanying services, which are particularly important in the set-up and onboarding phase, are offered under the label “easol service”. Because an IT solution cannot work without secure, efficient and reliable infrastructure, all users of easol are provided with the necessary IT infrastructure (“easol infrastructure”) as the third part of the solution.

The components of easol solution have already been configured for the requirements of fund providers and real asset managers, are fully integrated and have been tested thoroughly in practice. Assets with a volume of over €30 billion are currently managed in terms of IT using easol solution. Among these assets are properties belonging to the HIH Group, including INTREAL.

Klaus Weinert, a managing director at easol, comments: “With easol suite, we offer a standardised IT solution that makes it easier to manage real assets. This saves on high consulting and implementation costs. In addition, all data within easol suite are highly consistent, meaning that the laborious process of entering data manually in different systems, which offers leads to errors, is a thing of the past.”

Markus Schmitt, also a managing director at easol, adds: “Customers can use easol suite in the cloud model in line with the principle of software as a service (SaaS). This means that they only have to rent an IT solution that is operated by us. This convenient model from the user’s perspective is currently seeing growing demand on the market.”

The new company also has an Advisory Board chaired by Prof. Wolfgang Schäfers, professor of Real Estate Management at the IREBS (University of Regensburg). The Advisory Board also includes Andreas Ertle, managing director of INTREAL, and Jan Körner, managing director of control.IT. Advisory Board Chairman Schäfers comments: “The easol ecosystem will be systematically enhanced. We are continuously observing the global market for proptechs and incorporating promising solutions. For example, easol works closely with the data room solution EVANA and the underwriting software FUEL.”

The idea behind easol is based on the community concept and the principles of a sharing economy. “The easol community is the community of users who work with easol solution on a daily basis. If an application is technologically enhanced, the improvement is also available to all users. The solution is constantly evolving in practice and from practice, while leaving enough room for individual requirements,” explains Weinert.

The managing directors Klaus Weinert and Markus Schmitt have decades of experience at the interface of IT and real assets. Klaus Weinert is a business administration graduate who has worked as a project consultant and developer since 1992. He is the founder and a managing director of control.IT. Markus Schmitt is a business graduate and managing director of IntReal Solutions GmbH. Since 2001, he has worked in a range of different sectors in the field of software development, project management, data centre management, and software as a service (SaaS) and cloud solutions.