INTREAL crosses mark of 3 Billion Euros with its open-ended Public Funds

19. Nov 2021

IntReal International Real Estate Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (“INTREAL”), Germany’s leading third-party AIFM in the real estate sector, is reporting significant growth in its business line of open-ended public property funds. Specifically, the company managed to increase the volume of open-ended property funds under its administration to more than 3.1 billion euros. This implies an increase by around 31 percent since the start of this year, when the total still stood at 2.1 billion euros (as of 31/10/2021).

Michael Schneider, Managing Director at INTREAL, commented: “The business line of public property funds is getting more and more important to us. Although it accounts for a share of less than ten percent of all administrated assets, and still represents a relatively small sub-segment for the time being, the growth outlook is excellent. We are currently in talks with several asset managers who would like to enter the segment. At the moment, we actually have one investment fund in preparation.”

Schneider went on to say: “The funds under our administration prioritise investments in residential, retail and healthcare properties. What these types of use have in common is that they have proven comparatively crisis-proof during the coronavirus pandemic.” The business line of AIFM services accounts for about two thirds of the total of 3.1 billion euros. In this field, INTREAL provides services to other licensed management AIFMs. Such services include complex administrative tasks like reporting, controlling (management accounting), fund accounting or equity investment management and risk management. The second major business line, which is partner funds, accounts for roughly one third of the volume of open-ended public funds. Here, INTREAL offers any service relating to the launching and administrating of alternative investment funds (AIF) to asset managers and property developers without an AIFM license.

INTREAL entered this line of business in 2015 by launching the FOKUS WOHNEN DEUTSCHLAND residential property fund. Today, the third-party AIFM administrates six public property funds.

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